IIW President’s Visit (Private and Official) Report, Finland 2016


IIW President Mrs Oluyemisi Alatise ’s  visit to Finland from 8th to 15th September 2016


Inner Wheel Finland had the pleasure of welcoming the IIW President, Mrs Oluyemisi Alatise, to the Metropolitan area of Helsinki, Finland, on the 8th of September, 2016. It was a great honor to host the IIW President in Finland for one week. Following the wishes of Mrs Oluyemisi Alatise the program was balanced between the attractions of Finland, one day visit to St. Petersburg, meeting with Finnish Inner Wheel Friends and discussing and seeing the most important Inner Wheel projects in Finland. The program was set by PBD Hannele Karhunen and Ritva Jäättelä, Tapiolan Inner Wheel Klubi ry, according to the interest of International Inner Wheel President.

On arrival to Finland

Thursday Noon the plane from Istanbul landed at the airport of Helsinki-Vantaa. PBD Hannele Karhunen and Ritva Jäättelä had the pleasure of welcoming Madam President to Finland.

The visit started with a lunch at Ritva Jäättelä’ s home. In the evening a welcome party was held at 100 years old famous Lehtovaara Restaurant. National Council President Kaija Keijola hosted Madam President. A special gift was given from the District Chairman Riitta Nissinen, who regretted that she was not able to participate.

iiwpressa2 iiwpressa3
 PBD Hannele Karhunen, PDC Lea Asp, Ritva Jäättelä,
Club President Tarja Aho, IIW President Oluyemisi Alatise
and NCP Kaija Keijola at Lehtovaara
 IIW President Oluyemisi Alatise and Ritva Jäättelä
at Sibelius Monument in evening lightning


On Friday the 9th of September Madam President had the opportunity to visit Finnish National Museum in Helsinki. The Metropolitan Area of Helsinki today is the economic and cultural center of Finland with the population of over one million inhabitants. After a lunch in restaurant Bank and city sights, the voyage to St. Petersburg started.

Saturday the 10th of September was filled with experiences during the sightseeing in St. Petersburg. The visit to Hermitage lasted three hours and gave a very special touch of the glory of the past decennials in Russia.

iiwpressa4 iiwpressa5
The Tour is about to start. IIW President
Oluyemisi Alatise and PBD Hannele Karhunen
Madame President in front of
the St. Nicolas Naval Cathedral


Sunday 11th of September was a day with Finnish Friends. Visit to Market Place and Fortress of Suomenlinna as well  a family gathering made the day unforgettable.

iiwpressa9 iiwpressa10
Fortress of Suomenlinna is UNESCO’s
World Heritage Site


Life Education is the national project of Inner Wheel Finland. Nearly 25 000 children participate annually to trainings in Finland. Rastaala School in Espoo invited Madam President and National Council President Kaija Keijola, BD Hannele Karhunen and Ritva Jäättelä on Monday 12th of September to follow a Life Education training session of healthy life. The pupils in age of 10 showed an intensive interest in the questions of human body and healthy habits. Life Education Training Programme and portable training unit were presented by managing director Mr Sami Teikko.

Life Education training session in action


A nature photo exhibition in support of Life Education at Laha Mill was the second destination of the day. The group was thankful for the visit in the beautiful country side location and the historical Laha Manor, where a delicious lunch was served by the host of the Manor, Mr Antti Kiikka.

iiwpressa12 iiwpressa13
Photo Exhibition at Laha Mill Mr Antti Kiikka, IIW President Oluyemisi Alatise and PBD Hannele Karhunen in front of the Laha Manor


City of Porvoo, which is located 50 kilometers east from Helsinki, has played an important role in the history of Finland. After visit to Laha Manor the group had a walking tour in the old city and the medieval Church area of Porvoo. The unofficial trip by car made the day memorable as a whole.

iiwpressa14 iiwpressa15
Porvoo Cathedral was build in the 15th Century In the Garden of Café Helmi in the Old Porvoo


Laurea University of Applied Sciences invited Madam President for a visit on Tuesday 13th of September. During the lunch with President Jouni Koski the education systems were discussed. President Koski was proud to inform Madame President on the Laurean novelty that voluntary work now is included in every student’s study plan in some form. Some Nigerian security management students were met at the campus of Leppävaara.

iiwpressa16 iiwpressa17
Finnish Food innovation Pulled Oats was served at the lunch hosted by Laurea UAS President Jouni Koski


In Tuesday evening Madam President was the guest of honor in the Tapiolan Inner Wheel Klubi ry. Club meeting. Her speech on International Inner Wheel, Inner Wheel in Nigeria and the Theme of the Year really touched the hearts of all participants. Madame President gave copies of her book Female Priviledges And Challenges Cradle to Old Age to Club President Tarja Aho and National Representative Kaija Keijola. A Kosmos Pendant by Kalevala Jewelry was given to Madam President as a gift of memory by Tapiola IWC.

iiwpressa18 iiwpressa19
IIW President Oluyemisi Alatise giving her speech at Tapiola IW club meeting in Tapiola GardenHotel
IIW President and National Representative with Tapiola IW club members
iiwpressa21 iiwpressa22
Club President Tarja Aho, IIW President Oluyemisi Alatise
and National Representative Kaija Keijola
Handover of Kosmos Pendant


On Wednesday 14th of September Madame President was invited to District 142 lunch in Hannele Karhunen’s home before a special tour to the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia. Green, clean environment, winter in Finland and especially Nordic Lights (Aurea Borealis) were touched during the visit to the new Centre in Espoo. Haltia offered a profound experience of Finnish Nature by exhibitions of animals in winter and snow conditions as well as large video performance Finnish nature. The Inner Wheel group had the opportunity of petting a bear in the winter cave. In a dark room the sounds of the forest were experienced.

iiwpressa23 iiwpressa24
The view over the Nuuksio Lake Guidance into the Finnish Nature


After Haltia the group visited Helsinki-Vantaa Airport where contemporary trends in post transportation were introduced to Madame President by post transport supervis0r Sami Tammisto. Airport Post Customs had kindly invited us to see the results of more 20 year’s long project of Inner Wheel. IIW President Alatise was impressed to learn that Inner Wheel has donated more than 60 Sniffer Dogs to the Customs in Finland. Sniffer dog Manu gave us a very professional demonstration of finding drugs in a pile of international letters and packages in the Airport post hall.

Contemporary trends in post transportation were introduced by post transport supervisor Sami Tammisto

by Organizing Committee